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Hello~ I'm nicknamed Ron/Ro-nyan/Rirukuo. I'm a Norwegian viking(not), Cosplayer, Guilty Crown fanwhore and my imaginary bf is Prince Arthur. Am an otaku, gamer and I also enjoy drawing and reading. Halloween is my fav day of the year, and I hate Snow(both the president and the weather).

Mina Tepes from Dance in the Vampite bund (one of my fav characters of all time).

More Kurumi ;3

Character: Kurumi Tokisaki
Series: Date A Live
Cosplayer: Me ( Rirukuo)

Here’s some pictures from last, last weekends Torucon. These are kind of just test shots, we’ll have the real group photoshoot after finding a suitable location!

Character: Kurumi Tokisaki
Series: Date A Live
Cosplayer: Me (Rirukuo)

PS. The “sniper-in-the-grass” shot was just for lols, but it turned out pretty cute, so I posted it anyway xD

So here’s some more progress shots. For Kurumi’s corset I used and old bra of mine for the cups and made my own underbust corset. I covered the bra cups with my red fabric. The fabric, btw, is silk dupioni, which is known for its color shifting abilities, which is perfect for Kurumi’s astral dress! It’s a bit darker than I thought, and it looks an awful lot like taffeta, but that’s what you get for buying cheap silk dupioni… So yeah, don’t cheap out on fabric. Lesson learned.
I drafted my own pattern and used heavy interfacing and boning to keep the silk from wrinkling. I sewed the bra cups onto the corset by hand, and then started adding the details. Adding all the eyelets took some time, buy I kind of love how pro things look just by adding eyelets xD The only thing I’m missing is some ruffle at the bottom, and I need to add some push-up to my bra cups.. My boobs aren’t as big as Kurumis’ (¬、¬)
I’m also almost done with the skirt and the black apron-thingy, as well as the gloves and the boots. Definitely got some work left to do, but I’m getting there!

I’m also done with the full-size outlines of Kurumi’s guns. 
The rifle is about 120-125 cm, and the pistol is about 40 cm. They’re going to be made out of craft foam, wood, cardboard and pvc pipes. I haven’t started building them yet, but I’g got all the materials I need (I think), and I’ll start with them next weekend. 

Now I’m taking a break from Kurumi, cuz I kind of hate her right now. Nothing is going as planned… xD  So I’m currently working on Saber :3

I’m done with bun! xD It was sooo much more work than I thought it would be..But here it is, done at last! I bought a long blonde wig from ebay (won it on an auction for 8 USD, yey for auctions and saving money!), cut it and made my own wefts. My sewing machine can’t really handle making wefts (trust me, I’ve tried everything!) so I make mine by gluing a tiny bundle of hair together at the top of the hair strands with fabric glue. The fabric glue holds it together really nicely and it dries clear and sticky. So when I have enough small bundles I can just stick them together to form a nice row of hair which looks like a weft. After cutting the wig and making the wefts I made a ball out of expanding foam, carved out the right shape and made it hollow on the inside. Fastened a hair “comb” to it and just started adding the wefts. Then I made the braid and glued it on to the bun. Added a purple bow, and voila, DONE! Sounds easy, right? BUT IT WASN’T.
Sorry for the bathroom shots and that I didn’t bother hiding my own hair properly (*゚ー゚)ゞ 

I didn’t  bother making a long write-up about this, since there are so many Saber-bun tutorials out there, but if you have any questions I’d love to try and help :)

hanyuus: "Ahh I have one more question about your Angel Mort cosplay if it isn't too much trouble ;w; How did you make the petticoat is it like a normal one just sans the tulle in the front or is it something different all-together? Sorry for asking so many questions ;w;"

It’s no problem, really! I think it’s really fun to answer questions like this! :3
It’s just a normal petticoat without tulle in the front, like you said. This is the best image I have of it, but you get the idea :3

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Here’s my Morgiana cosplay from Desucon 8 here in Norway. The pictures are all con photos, but we did the best we could in the areas outside to get the best pictures possible :3 
Thanks to my cutie, Ekame, from our cosplay group MERCAS, for taking these photos! She’s just as amazing behind the camera as in front of it<3

I love our Naruto cosplay sooo much! It’s one of you most simple costumes, but it was our first real photoshoot but we had so much fun and we learned a lot!

Please show us your support and like our FB page :3 MERCAS

A few days ago oyasumioyashiro aked me about how I made the socks and the main body of the uniform for my Angel Mort cosplay, and I find it a lot easier to make a post out of it instead of just answering the ask. And maybe it’ll help someone else too!

For the main body I drafted a corset-like pattern. I used metallic spandex for my costume (which is really stretchy) so I didn’t need to add a zipper or extra seam allowance to the pattern, and thus drafting it and especially sewing it was really easy. The boob part of the pattern was made out of an old bra that I cut apart and traced onto paper and edited slightly. The corset pattern was drafted by cutting apart and old corset my mom had and tracing it and editing it. Just so everyone know, I suck at making patters, I really really suck at it, so this might be totally wrong, but it works for me and I think the result ended up being satisfactory. I used boning in the bodice so it wouldn’t crinkle or slide up when I sit or walk around, because it’s not attached to the panties. I chose to have them separated because that would make going to the toilet a lot easier xD And that’s actually really important to think about when your going to spend 8+ hours at a con! And the edge of the bodice is hidden by the white lace at the front anyway.

For the socks I made the pattern by draping a fabric around my leg, pinning it, cutting outside of the pins and tracing it onto paper. The zigzag things are the pattern for the things on top of the socks (I have no idea what to call them). Making the zigzag thingies stand up was kind of annoying >< I ended up taping steel wire to the insides of them to make them stand nicely and not drop down. I did this at the con because I didn’t have time to do it before I left… If I had the time I would definitely have used a really strong interfacing at the insides of the zigzag thingies instead. I don’t know if I’ve explained everything. I probably left something out, so don’t be afraid to ask! 

Sorry it took so long oyasumioyashiro!

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I need some help again! I’m cosplaying Saber in under two months (yes, I’m in over my head) and I’ve been looking at every fabric store in like a 500 mile radius from where I live, but I can’t find an appropriate fabric. And it’s annoying me like crazy. So now I’m going to order fabric online. But the problem is that I don’t know shit about what types of fabric to use. 
I’ve been looking at velvet, but the shipping rates are so extremely high that I don’t have the budget for it, sadly…

So, what type/s of fabric would you recommend?

More Naruto cosplay by our group MERCAS :3 Hope you like it!

Cosplay by MERCAS. Please check out or facebook page for more photos and updates ;3

More cosplay by MERCAS ;3

Cosplay by MERCAS! Be sure to check out our page ;3

SakuNaru and SasuSaku cosplay by MERCAS. Be sure to check out our FB page :3

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